Yet another Anime CD Cyclopedia Mini-FAQ

Last updated: Aug-18-1997
  • Why do the next CD / previous CD links return an error?
    The next CD and previous CD CGI makes use of an index file that isn't automatically generated. So if I forget to regenerate it after adding a new CD, then the CGI may fail. If this happens, please email me and let me know.
  • How come the next CD / previous CD links don't actually take me ot the next CD / previous CD I see in the list?
    Some CDs are cross-listed. A CD has a primary series/singer which determines it's real position in the next CD / previous CD list. Cross-listed CDs are not included in the next CD / previous CD list.
  • Can you add information on (this new CD)?
    I can only really add information on CDs personally if I have them. This implies purchasing them which restricts the CDs I can add.
    However, I'm going to attempt to pull information out of Newtype for some of the more recent CDs. I'll be able to get the ordering information, but not track listings or any sort of review.
  • How can I add information on new CDs?
    Just email me the information. I would prefer to have the information in tagged format. That's the simplest method as it just lets me save to a file.
    I can also take information in the CD.ALL (Remus) format. I have a perl script that takes information out of that format and converts it. If using the CD.ALL format, please try to be precise and follow the indentation and information encapsulation precisely. For example, use {} for comments, [] for translations.
  • How can I add information to existing entries?
    The best way to add information is to click on the Source link for that entry to get a copy of the data file. Then add the information directly to that file and email it to me.
  • How can I add a review for a CD?
    Ideally, I'd prefer to receive links to more in-depth reviews (ie. the Fushigi Yuugi reviews). However, if you want to add just a short review for a specific CD (just a number rating and a short explanation), that is okay for now too. Either way, just email me the information. Please include the Order number when referring to CDs as it makes it easier for me to find the data files.

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