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Last updated: Dec-01-2001

What's new

Dec-01-2001 Added Noir OST 3 (Scott Fujimoto).
Nov-28-2001 Updated Noir OST 1, added Noir OST 2 (Scott Fujimoto).
Nov-27-2001 Replaced the (little-used) forum with ikonboard. I'm going to try to follow it a little more actively than before. If people are interested in helping moderate, leave me email or post in forum feedback.
Nov-01-2001 Added Noir OST 1 and Cowboy Bebop Movie OST (Scott Fujimoto).
Oct-23-2001 Added Arc the Lad OST 1 and 2 (Ru Igarashi).
Oct-08-2001 Updated Macross Plus OST 1 and 2, Nadia OST 1, Patlabor TV OST 3. Added FLCL OST 1, Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV OST 1 and OAV OST 1. (Ru Igarashi). Initial D OST 1 (John Garza).
Jan-18-2001 Added cd covers for Blue Seed and Silent Mobius cds (Jeff "Isamu").
Oct-08-2000 Added domestic info for Mac Plus Soundtracks 1 and 2 (Frederic Badin).
Sep-26-2000 Added Gluhen, Das Ewige Daisen, Tanz Gluhen, Velvet Underworld, Schlag Des Herzenz, Piece of Heaven, It's Too Late, Beautiful Alone, No Reason from Weib Kreuz (Calvin Tso). Added Cream P.U.F. from Macross Plus (Alexander Hawson). Updated Lodoss TV OST (Alexander Hawson).
Sep-17-2000 Added covers to a bunch of entries (Jeff "Isamu").
Sep-04-2000 Added Macross Plus - For Fans Only Soundtrack (Alexander Hawson).
Jul-18-2000 Updated Lain Bootleg (Ru Igarashi). Added Boku no Marie Soundtrack (Ru Igarashi). Added Key: The Metal Idol Vocal CD and BGM CDs 1-3 (Ru Igarashi). Updated Wings of Honneamise Complete Collection (Ru Igarashi). Added You're Under Arrest 1-1/2 OST (Ru Igarashi). Added Slayers Etcetera 1 OST (Ru Igarashi). Updated Sol Bianca: The Legacy OST (Ru Igarashi).
Jul-11-2000 Added Cowboy Bebop Soundtracks 2 and 3 (Ru Igarashi). Added Lain OST and Bootleg (Ru Igarashi). Added Gasaraki Soundtracks 1 and 2 (Ru Igarashi). Added Sol Bianca: The Legacy OST (Ru Igarashi).
May-24-2000 Added Macross Plus Soundtracks (Jeff Bannow). Added Pokemon CDs (Jeff Bannow). Added Lain CDs (Jeff Bannow). Added Utena OP/ED Single (Jeff Bannow).
Apr-07-2000 Added a bunch of Sailor Moon CDs (Wayne Morris). Added Sakura Taisen OAV Soundtrack (Wayne Morris).
Mar-01-2000 Added y'know, Waiting for YOU, Original Soundtrack I, and Original Soundtrack II from BGC2040 (Jani Partanen).
Dec-14-1999 Added Platina from Card Captor Sakura (Jerry Hsu).
Dec-07-1999 Added Tenchi Muyo! Best Album (Wayne Morris).
Oct-26-1999 Added As Sekiria from BGC2040 (Scott Fujimoto).
Sep-19-1999 Added Bubblegum Crisis Collector's File 1999 (Scott Fujimoto).
Sep-2-1999 Added Mononoke Hime Soundtrack and Image Album. Added Best of Slayers. (Jerry Hsu)
Aug-26-1999 Added 2 Nadeshico CDs (Jerry Hsu).
Aug-24-1999 Replaced Laughing Target, Riding Bean, Robot Carnival, Robotech and Slam Dunk directories. They mysteriously vanished. I'm not sure why. Utena was mistakenly added before it was ready because of this. It'll be finished pretty soon.
Jul-13-1999 Added Best of Anime collection, Magic Knight Rayearth Original Song Book 2, and Chisa and the Heaven & Earth Band Live in LA (Wayne Morris).
Jun-09-1999 Added 3 Aikawa Nanase CDs (Rthr-X).
Jun-01-1999 Added Dive by Sakamoto Maaya and Pure Snow single for Himikoden (Jerry Hsu).
Apr-15-1999 Added Gundam X: Side 1 (eirias).
Mar-14-1999 Added Domestic Pioneer and Ranma cd releases (Wayne Morris). Some more CD covers for Gundam, Giant Robo, and Patlabor (Quentin Bracken).
Mar-09-1999 Added some cd covers for Honneamise and Patlabor (Quentin Bracken).
Feb-16-1999 I decided to take down the mirror site for now since updates just weren't going to happen given the current setup.
Feb-15-1999 Added a discussion board for requests, feedback, and general chat. It should work as is now and should undergo some smoothing out over the next couple of days.
Feb-12-1999 Added Lodoss TV OST 1 (Jerry Hsu).
Feb-03-1999 Added and updated a bunch of Rurouni Kenshin (Lynn Tse).
Feb-01-1999 Added Cowboy Bebop (Jerry Hsu). Changed "New" section to maybe make more sense. It will now list any entries that have been added or changed in the 3 months since the last update as opposed to previously where it was just listing CDs that had been released some arbitrary point in the past.
Jan-29-1999 New main site is up at This should hopefully be pretty stable for the near future. I'll continue to maintain the mirror site but it may lag behind occasionally. Also, there's some more detailed information (and hopefully clearer) on how to submit cd information.
Jan-25-1999 I'll keep everyone updated. Added some Two-Mix and ELT cds (Eddie Chen).
Nov-11-1998 A mirror site is up at Please stop there and bookmark it. will be periodicially up and down until probably around January. Please use this site as the primary and just go there if this site is down.
Sep-15-1998 Added Blue Seed vol 2 and 3 (Ru Igarashi).
Aug-18-1998 Added Lodoss TV OP single (Jerry Hsu).
Aug-17-1998 Updated Ah! My Goddess, Kimagure Orange Road, Ranma 1/2. Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, You're Under Arrest (Wayne Morris).
Jul-16-1998 Updated Urusei Yatsura (Wayne Morris).
Jun-4-1998 Updated Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youko (Lawrence Wang). Added Two-Mix's Fantastix II (Eddie Chen). Added Rurouni Kenshin 1st and 3rd soundtracks (Eddie Chen). Added ELT's Time to Destination (Eddie Chen). Added Amuro Namie's 181920 (Eddie Chen).
Feb-16-1998 Added Two-Mix's Fantastix (Eddie Chen). Added Hayashibara Megumi's Pulse (Eddie Chen).
Nov-23-1997 Added Grave of the Fireflies (Jerry Hsu). Added Umi ga Kikoeru (Jerry Hsu). Added Ponpoko (Jerry Hsu).
Nov-21-1997 Added Ghibli ga ippai soundtrack collection under Animage (Jerry Hsu). Added Saber Marionette J soundtracks (Eddie Chen).
Oct-19-1997 Updated El-Hazard 2 Soundtrack (Jerry Hsu).
Oct-15-1997 Added covers for H2, The Hakkenden, and Sakamoto Maaya (Jerry Hsu).
Aug-27-1997 Updated Hayashibara Megumi's Iravati (Eddie Chen).
Aug-24-1997 Added Fushigi Yuugi: Star of Love (Jason Yeh).
Aug-20-1997 Added Evangelion (Jerry Hsu).
Aug-19-1997 Updated Tenchi Muyo!: PICA-1003, PICA-1011 (Ru Igarashi).
Aug-17-1997 Added Hayashibara Megumi's Iravati (Hitoshi Doi). Added Iwao Junko's Teno Hira no Uchuu (Hitoshi Doi).
Aug-11-1997 Added Ghost in the Shell (Ru Igarashi). Added Tenchi Muyo OST 3 (Ru Igarashi). Updated Super Atragon (Ru Igarashi).
Aug-5-1997 Added RG Veda (Ru Igarashi).
Aug-4-1997 Added H2 (Jerry Hsu).
Aug-1-1997 Updated Sailor Moon: COCC-10509, CODC-378, CODC-382 (Princess Energy).
Jul-30-1997 Added Blue Seed (Ru Igarashi).
Jul-28-1997 Updated Mermaid's Forest (Ru Igarashi). Added Super Atragon (Ru Igarashi).
Jul-14-1997 Added Fushigi Yuugi Character's Vocal Memories (Jerry Hsu).
Jul-13-1997 Added Two-Mix: Two-(Re)Mix (Eddie Chen).
Jul-10-1997 Implemented code to allow for crossreferences in the series lists.
Jul-7-1997 Selected as an Anime Web Turnpike site of the week.
Jul-5-1997 Added information for Plastic Little (Ru Igarashi). Updated information for Yamato (Steve Harrison).
Jun-29-1997 Added information for Sakamoto Maaya (Jerry Hsu).
Jun-28-1997 Added information for Hakkenden and Devil Hunter Yohko (Ru Igarashi). Added ability to view a source file to the CD view.
Jun-27-1997 Reorganized the layout so that the CD information is retrieved by a CGI-bin. I think I have everything converted but if something doesn't quite work, please leave me an email so I can fix it.
May-18-1997 Cleaned up some of the converted CDs (up to around K).
May-8-1997 Added El-Hazard soundtracks (Jerry Hsu). Added covers for Two-Mix cds.
May-1-1997 Performed a final push and finizhed up to Z. Now for cleanup.
Apr-23-1997 After being distracted by school for awhile, got around to converting up to Q. Oy... Patlabor Complete Box Set is 11800 yen... Need to start saving.
Apr-17-1997 Converted up to N. Did you know Maison Ikkoku had *48* cds that contain the dialogue for all the episodes?
Apr-16-1997 Set up a "new entries" page which is the default page off of the main page. Also converted Remus up to G. There sure are a lot of anime that start with G.
Apr-15-1997 Went public with a request for comments on RAAMusic. Started converting enmasse from Remus. Finished A-B. Got stuck on C when I realized that I needed a better way of handling multidisc sets. Some other random series are also input now. Lastly, I added more information into the technical info section and made a rating guide.
Apr-14-1997 Split the list into 10 sections. From the existing Remus data, that should put about 25 series into each section which I think is reasonable. Also added an optional series information block.
Apr-12-1997 Did this funky "keep stuff on the screen" deal. Benefit is you can change series more quickly. Downside is the amount of data shoved across the network. Though I could fix the data part with Javascript.
Apr-11-1997 Previous and Next CD links in the navbars work.
Apr-10-1997 Split the index into series/subseries. It's a start.
Apr-9-1997 Converted some Remus Cyclopedia entries over. Now I just need to think of some way to sub-index the list so it isn't so huge.
Apr-8-1997 Decided to put this on the web so everyone can see how unfinished it is.

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