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Yet another Anime CD Cyclopedia
and a little JPop on the side

Last updated: Dec-01-2001

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  • Kakinouchi Narumi
  • Katsura Masakazu
  • Koudansha
  • NAS
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  • Pioneer LDC
  • Pony Canyon
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  • Shueisha Inc.
  • Studio Pierot
  • Sunrise
  • Toho
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  • Yomiuri TV
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  • What's new

    Dec-01-2001 Added Noir OST 3 (Scott Fujimoto).
    Nov-28-2001 Updated Noir OST 1, added Noir OST 2 (Scott Fujimoto).
    Nov-27-2001 Replaced the (little-used) forum with ikonboard. I'm going to try to follow it a little more actively than before. If people are interested in helping moderate, leave me email or post in forum feedback.
    Nov-01-2001 Added Noir OST 1 and Cowboy Bebop Movie OST (Scott Fujimoto).
    Oct-23-2001 Added Arc the Lad OST 1 and 2 (Ru Igarashi).
    Older revision notes
    About this page
    Yes. This is yet another Anime CD Cyclopedia based on the Remus CD Cyclopedia compiled by Steve Pearl. The real aim of this project is to have a Database with timely updates and useful searching. How well that aim is accomplished, who knows? Currently, about a third of the Remus pedia has been cleaned up with the remaining to be handle in a timely fashion, I promise! The next step of my current plan is to convert to a SQL db engine (MySQL). This should allow for nifty querying functions. Comments are always welcome.

    Technical stuff
    The pages and index are currently generated from a plain-text format and converted using a Perl script into html. I like doing things this way because I can change layouts and only have to change it in one location.

    I initially had tried to develop this project using mSQL but stopped that due to limitations in the mSQL engine. But I've given MySQL a try and I think it should be powerful enough for my needs. The key advantage of having the MySQL DB against the current text file system should be having efficient searching be easier. Text files would require all sorts of intermediate index files for the same efficiency which I think will be more of a pain.

    The rating system is arbitrary, but if you provide a rating, I'd like the scale to be 0-5 following these guidlines somewhat.

    • 0: "This cd blows chunks. It suketh mightily. I would use it to torture people."
    • 1: "This CD is pretty bad. I'd consider using it for microwave fireworks."
    • 2: "This CD has good points and bad points. I wouldn't consider getting it."
    • 3: "Nice CD. Maybe get it if I can find it cheap."
    • 4: "This is a very good CD that I'd seriously consider getting."
    • 5: "I loved this CD. You will love this CD. Buy buy buy!"

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