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How can I add information on new CDs?
Email me the information. I'll take the information in any form. However, I would prefer to have the information in tagged format described below. That's the simplest method for me as it just lets me save to a file.

I can also take information in the CD.ALL (Remus) format. I have a perl script that takes information out of that format and converts it. If using the CD.ALL format, please try to be precise and follow the indentation and information encapsulation precisely. For example, use {} for comments, [] for translations.

The tagged format works as follows:
The file is split into three sections.

  1. General Information
  2. Track Information
  3. Reviews

The fields for the General Information section consist of a keyword followed by two colons:
Series:: Series the cd belongs to.
Title:: Title of the CD.
Picture:: URL of an image of the CD cover.
Copyright:: Copyright information for the Picture image
OrderInfo:: OrderNumber | Release date | Price
TrackInfo:: Number of tracks and number of different types.
Playtime:: Total run time of the CD.
Comment:: Any additional comments about the CD.

The Track Information section is started with a Listing:: tag. It consists of tagged information in the format

[start character][information][dollar sign]
For example: tTrack 1$

The starting characters available are:
# track number
t title
a alternate (translated) title
s singer
c comment
i info (OP, ED, drama, vocal)
p track time (playtime)
^ optional end of track marker
Using a s$ tag automatically generates a iVocal$ tag so you don't need to include one. The ^$ tag is used so that a following c$ tag doesn't apply to the track before it but instead applies to that point in the listing. You can see examples of this in BGC Complete Vocal Collection 2.

You can also use an alternate format for the Track Information section consisting of the starting characters contained between two @ characters:
Eg: @#@ 1
The following text up to the next @@ tag or the end of section will be associated with that tag.

Here are some template files for reference:
Encapsulated format (Example)
Marker format (Example)

The Review section is started with the Review:: tag and consists of a review per line in the format:
[reviewer] | [rating] | [Brief comments] | [URL to more extensive review]

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